Amanda Munz

Apr 20, 2018


I’m constantly amazed by the resilient women that appear in my life! One of them is Amanda Munz, who founded a nonprofit organization that provides school supplies for underprivileged students in the New York City area. Amanda’s “a-ha” moment came when she was just about to graduate from The Fashion Institute of Technology. She was interning for some of the top designers and saw a disturbing trend in the industry — fashion samples and overproduced products being thrown in the garbage. Something stirred inside her and she followed her passion: the idea was to get designers to donate excess inventory, sell the products, buy school supplies and donate them to local schools. 

So Amanda switched gears (a rebirth if you will), and learned what it took to create and run a nonprofit. She founded The Fashion Foundation in 2014 at the ripe age of 24, and hasn’t looked back! The organization has partnered and received donations from such designers as Calvin Klein, Vera De Nero, Mac Duggal, and Aimee Lynn Apparel to name a few. We’re pleased to be a part of Amanda’s mission by donating extra Laura Delman samples. The fashions are sold on her website: and in pop-up showrooms in donated spaces in New York City. 

Not only did Amanda experience a “rebirth” by following her passion, the fashions themselves are “reborn” as school supplies for needy children. As Amanda says, “The beauty of The Fashion Foundation is that a little goes a long way. You can buy a $5 shirt on our website and feel good knowing that shirt just provided a new backpack to a student.”

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