Becca Stevens

by | Dec 1, 2017


Although you may have seen or purchased Thistle Farms bath and body care products, you may not know the story behind the company. Becca Stevens created the company to support her residential program for homeless, marginalized women in the late ‘90’s. Becca, herself a survivor of childhood abuse, started providing housing, medical care and education for women on the streets. With no questions asked, and because of Becca’s own empathy and compassion, and her willingness to listen to their stories, she invited women to stay for up to two years.

Becca founded Thistle Farms in 2001 to help her women make money to be able to move on with their lives. Starting with just a handful of her women, they’ve built the company to employ 70 of mostly residential women. More than 200 women have turned their world’s around thanks to Becca’s willingness to hear their stories and create a home where resilient women can help each other thrive.

Becca – you are inspiring!

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