Founder & Creative Director

“We all have the right to express our inner truth. Every woman has the freedom to express her own resilient nature.”

I believe we all have the capacity to choose resilience. From my own experience, I’ve learned to pull deep from within my true nature to survive… more accurately… THRIVE… through life’s ebbs and flows. Still, the sudden suicide of my husband, Byron, shook me to the core. It was, and still is, a staggering trauma. We were deeply in love and beginning to live the second half of our lives after his recent retirement from a long career as a corporate lawyer. I loved and still love him dearly. I had absolutely no idea he was in so much pain as to take his own life.

With trust, compassion, self-acceptance, and grace, I’ve immersed myself in thoughtful and fearless self-examination. I’ve re-emerged ever changed, with a renewed sense of myself and my creativity. As a businesswoman my entire career, I not only built businesses but “curated” a designer wardrobe that expressed my style in the boardroom, client meetings, jazz concerts, you name it.

Alone, with Byron no longer in my life, I’ve channeled my resilience and inimitable creative energy into building my own line of women’s fashion; re-imagined classics marked by an engaging, relatable yet sophisticated original style. My collections place a strong emphasis on subtlety, nuance, asymmetry, light layered pieces of re-imagined quality fabrics, with clean lines and distinctive detail.

What We Wear Can Change Our Lives

As Karen Pine, author of Mind What You Wear, says: “Our mood, personality, and behavior are all interconnected; a change in one element can trigger changes in other elements because these changes occur at a cellular level.” That’s why I’ve worked to create fashions that speak to the wearer – not just on the outside, but on the inside. One small item, a twist of tailoring, a splash of color, a unique fabric…can alter how we feel. It has a ripple effect.

My fashions go more than skin deep – they’re designed to make a distinctive statement that allows you to move from office to lunch to cocktails and an evening out with ease, sophistication, and confidence.


My personal story has shaped my passion for inspiring resilience, confidence and joy while encouraging people to live up to their potential and improve their happiness quotient. I’ve established an inclusive collaborative team structure that encourages and respects input and ideas in all aspects of the company operations. With a life-balance and joyful philosophy, I rank the goal of having a greater impact on people’s lives higher than financial goals.

Our company is a growing force for positive change. Laura Delman LLC is committed to fair wage and made in America production as well as sustainable practices throughout the design and manufacturing processes. The entire company strives to feel proud of their choices on a daily basis. We make choices that value the environment and people over profit. Our collections are designed and made in New York City in the Brooklyn Fashion & Design Accelerator, a hub for ethical fashion & design.


My longtime association with Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA) has evolved into the company support of PCAA, which provides all children with great childhoods because our children are the future. Through their Healthy Families America program, PCAA works to reduce child maltreatment and neglect, improve parent-child interactions, boost children’s social and emotional well-being and promote children’s school readiness. Local sites provide home visits, parent education, and support groups starting at pre-natal and continuing until the children are five years old.

The B&B Foundation was formed by Bella & Britt to provide an array of resources for women facing difficult transitions, including divorce, death of a spouse or child, loss of a job or other challenging life event. In addition to regular support, the B&B Foundation hosts periodic events to bring women together to share unique experiences, resources and talents.  Laura serves on the Board of Directors. For more information, visit the Bella & Britt website.

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