Jun 7, 2018


Why do I favor pockets? They are fun, practical, mysterious, handy and interesting.

I can go out and carry an ATM card, phone, lipstick and go. Don’t have to worry about a purse to keep track of while I’m socializing, doing deals and dancing the days and nights away.  Just like you can’t leave your drink alone.

The history of pockets intrigues and amuses me. Now. According to some pocket history written by Chelsea Summer in September, 2016, pockets were classically included in men’s clothing so they could carry things they needed because they were “busy doing things” whereas women were “busy being looked at.”  And still, we persisted.

More importantly, the less we could carry, the less freedom we had, in particular to navigate public spaces. Writing for The Spectator in 2011, Paul Johnson offers, with wit, a 1954 Dior note that “Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration.  I quote “It’s not a giant leap to see how pockets, or the lack thereof, reinforce sexist ideas of gender.” 

Things change.  Times change.  Time’s up.

What have you got in your pockets? I’ll never tell.

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